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Super-dooper Chain Story v2.0

OK, Charger recons it’s too hard to find the super-dooper chain story link beacuse of all of the alien bullshit on the site. He’s kinda right, but also a bit shit at computers. Anyways, here it is, right at the top:
Click Here: SuperDooperChainStory

2013 Site Clean-Up

OK, CAD is back! I have spent hours deleting all of the alien bullshit. If anyone else feels the need to spam the site in the future we are personally going to track you down, rip off your heads, and shit down your necks. So basically don’t fucking do it!

Bacardi, Coke and Fresh Lime

Nothing too exotic about this one, but it’s my drink of the moment. It tastes fuckin’ good like!
Get a low-ball glass, add a few ice cubes, then a shot (or a bit more) or Barcardi rum, top up with coke, squeeze a decent wedge of lime into the drink, and then add the wedge.
*note the […]

2 Girls, 1 Cup

OK, don’t blame the messenger, but this has been requested. Seriously for anyone who hasn’t seen this, I can only recommend that you don’t.
Well, that’s the warning – proceed if must……
This is the “highlight” video (more like lowlight) – full video to follow.

Quite Possibly the Best TV show ever!

YouTube Direkt

Kenny Fuckin’ Powers is a champion

YouTube Direkt

Kenny Powers Ecstacy Dance

YouTube Direkt

Hitler gets Angry!

YouTube Direkt

Try iphone app

Beer, Women and Bad Decisions.
choose your own adventure style

For the Redbull Lovers

Hey Uli

Did you know that Rupert the Bear episodes are on TV atm…..
Stupid Rupert…..

Jimmy loses it

YouTube Direkt

Postman Pat’s Windy Day

Classic Postman Pat!

Dr. Phil

What The Fuck Should I Make For Dinner?

Check this……Thanks PGC (Purple Car Girl)

Alf Stewart goes Apeshit!


1970’s Aussie Commericals

updated in “Charger’s Gallery”
Got any submissions? Add a comment and we will whack ‘em up.

Sick Joke of the Year

A little boy comes into the kitchen one day & says to his mum “Granny’s got a prawn!”
The mother says “What on earth do you mean?”
The boy takes his mother & shows her Granny stark naked asleep on the sofa. He points to grandma’s protruding clitoris & says “Granny’s got a prawn!”
His mother whispers “That’s […]

Fucking weird snow-globes

Upload your own pictures here
YouTube DirektSnow Glob Commercial

I’m Rick James Bitch! . . control yourself!

Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories
Part 1:

Comedy Central

Part 2:

Comedy Central

Abo Jokes

Went to the optometrist today. He told me I’m colour blind. Now I’m worried some of my mates could be Aboriginal. If you are, delete my number and fuck-off!
Q: What’s funnier than a dead Abo?
A: A dead Abo in a clown suit
Q: What do you call an Abo  driving off a cliff in a mini-van?
A: […]

Alien Invasion

Alien’s appear to have attacked our website! We must destroy them at all costs. Have no mercy on the alien fools.

Hot VW

Check this puppy out!
YouTube Direkt

and then watch him fuck up…..
YouTube Direkt

sooper dooper chain story

this is a chain story,
i have been told to dumb it down for you hillbillies and let you know what a chain story is! well fuck i dont know myself, but here it is, ill start the story and you just add to it, bit by bit, line by line, chapter by chapter, until its […]

Australia, the way it used to be

FEBRUARY 23, 1976, 30 years ago today. What was happening? Premier Rupert Hamer was introducing new random breath-testing laws. Bellbird, Take Kerr and Don Lane were on TV. And AC/DC took to the back of an old truck in Swanston Street to make Australian music history.
The occasion was the filming of the clip for It’s […]

welcome all

h there and welcome to control alt delete, its the new world of scotch driven cyber luvin for the 22nd centruy,
im not sure myself how this journey is going to go, or where it is going to take us, all i know is that it sholud be FUCKIN A with a capital A, and hopefully […]

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