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this is a chain story,

i have been told to dumb it down for you hillbillies and let you know what a chain story is! well fuck i dont know myself, but here it is, ill start the story and you just add to it, bit by bit, line by line, chapter by chapter, until its done, then i print it all off, change the names to the real persons name not some psuedo fake bullshit to protect the innocent. then i publish it, sell a million copies and make a trillion dollars, give you all the finger and fuck off to live in mexico.

so here goes, like i said ill start it, you add a bit, the next dude or dudette adds a line or two, and bingo next thing you know Oprah wants it on her book club. well fuck her.

okay this is the start on the next bit, scroll down and read then add a comment which will be continuing the story.

okay story starts ………now


Chapter 1 –

i woke up, my balls were aching, what was i thinking!