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Nothing too exotic about this one, but it’s my drink of the moment. It tastes fuckin’ good like!

Get a low-ball glass, add a few ice cubes, then a shot (or a bit more) or Barcardi rum, top up with coke, squeeze a decent wedge of lime into the drink, and then add the wedge.

*note the picture uses a high-ball glass, but that will give you too much coke and not enough of the good stuff (aka gay).

Usually I add some funny shit / history about the drink, but I can’t be bothered this time. All you need to know is that Bacardi was founded by facundro Bacardi Masso born in┬áCatalonia, (Spain) in 1814. He emigrated to Cuba in 1830, and today the business (still family owned) sells more than 200 million bottle per year.