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OK boys….Leave comments here for rules, suggestions, alcohol and food recipes!

{we need a name} Golf Day 2010 – Friday 11th June 2010

Where are we playing?

Belair, Marion, Rambo was going to see if we could get tickets to Grange?

Dress Code? I think we have to look golfish?

Ambrose rules? Maybe 2 x pairs, and we swap every 5 or 6 holes with a new partner? Then we score individual scores?

Miss J. from my work to bring lunch platter / picnic or we get something at the golf club?

Tequila jelly shots for loosing team on each hole? I’ll make ‘em

Need to book game and 2 x buggies – golf course need to be aware we need them for the full day.

10:30am start – 9holes, then lunch, then another 9 holes?

Gambling aspect for game or various holes?

After golf debriefing and cocktails – probably at my house?